Your 21-day Abundance Challenge Workbook

The 21-day Abundance Challenge workbook is designed with love, wisdom, and soulful alchemy. It is infused with Reiki healing energy by Gagan to guide you on your 21-day Awaken Your Inner Abundance journey. This workbook will enhance your learning experience as you cultivate your daily practice of creating abundance using Mudras, Mantras, Meditation, and Music!

This workbook is a great way to keep all the curriculum and activities in one place for ease and convenience. It will also serve as an excellent journal for reflections and tracking your progress for the 21-day Abundance Challenge.

This workbook is a 99-page supplemental guide that has the mudras, mantras, abundant affirmations and journaling space to do your activities for the 21-day Abundance Challenge. It also serves as a tool to measure your progress.

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